We are currently limiting the number of new designers in the US Market, however our European and Asia Pacific markets are actively looking to grow their assortments.
If you're approved, you'll receive an account and information to register with Snapfish Publisher in the corresponding countries that you are approved to sell. After that, you just download the Product Artwork Specifications, create and submit your designs, and you're done. It's that simple. Please allow up to 2 months for a response.
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Unleash your apps to a global audience. With minimal R&D investment, you can share your engaging new app with our customers. You'll develop and host your app, we'll provide API access, and you earn a commission every time customers use your app to create a product..
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Snapfish Publisher is now live in Europe and Australia. Find out more.
Why Snapfish Publisher?
With over 90 million members and more than 10 billion photos uploaded and stored, Snapfish is the place where people save and share their favorite moments.
Snapfish Publisher helps you tap into our customers' creative energy. This powerful platform puts your offerings easily in reach of millions of customers who create and buy customized greetings and gifts every day.
Snapfish Publisher uses reliable top-tier technology that can serve over 10 million users daily. It includes a versatile vendor network, logistics management, and the marketing muscle to reach every one of our registered users.