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  • Create innovative apps for new ways to view and edit photos, create photo gifts, or any use you can dream up. Reach up to 85 million registered users around the world who upload and share photos.
  • Documentation

  • Snapfish Publisher documentation describes Publisher for app developers, and guides you through the Publisher app development process. It contains the following:
  • Snapfish Publisher Technical Brief
  • The Technical Brief describes the Snapfish Publisher architecture, and provides use cases for app interaction with Snapfish user albums and photos. The document also describes the payment model for application developers, and for product suppliers.
  • Adding a new Product to Publisher
  • This guide contains the information required to introduce a new product to the Publisher merchandise system.
  • Snapfish Publisher Developer Guide
  • The Developer Guide describes the OAuth implementation for Snapfish Publisher, and the OpenSocial APIs that allow your app to interact with Snapfish Publisher.
  • Snapfish Publisher Sample Code
  • Download the sample Java code to learn more about how to develop for Publisher using a real-world example.

The Snapfish Publisher architecture and application interaction model is built upon open standards and protocols. The developer lab uses OAuth for web-service based authentication into Snapfish. The Publisher infrastructure utilizes JSON over RESTful APIs for access to resources.

This RESTful implementation allows your app to access Snapfish resources such as albums, photos, and other media content, without draining system resources on your app or Snapfish's end. With OAuth, a user can give permission to your app to act on their behalf without directly disclosing Snapfish credentials to the app.